The Corral Laboratory is a 2,000 square foot research facility committed to the investigation of novel processing science for advanced ceramics, composites, and high temperature materials in order to study their fundamental thermal and mechanical behavior in extreme environments. The Corral Laboratory also has a export controlled laboratory dedicated to ITAR sensitive projects. A description of the laboratory equipment and facilities available are listed below.

Powder Processing

Powder Mixing/Milling — Ball mill (Telemecanique, Altivar 31), Attrition mill (Union Process, Type 3), Sonic horn (Misonix, S-4000), Ultrasonics Cleaner (VWR, B3500A-MTH), Spex mill (Spex Sample Prep, 8000M Mixer/Mill)

Rotary evaporator (IKA, RV10) — Removes solvents in water bath between 20-180°C rotating at 20-280rpm 2L round bottom flask 

Sieve Shaker (W.S.Tyler, Ro-TAP RX-30) — Capable of simultaneously sieving up to 8 12inch diameter test sieves

University of Arizona User Facilities

The University of Arizona has a state of the art facility available to the Corral Laboratory members which has an array of instruments for both sample preparation and material analysis.

The facility includes the necessary instrumentation for performing scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and x-ray diffraction (XRD). USIF has four different SEMs, including two field emission scopes; one new SEM with in situ micro-Raman detector and electron dispersant x-ray analysis (EDS). 

Physical and Chemical Measurements

Archimedes Kit (Mettler Toledo, Model 33360) — Bulk density measurements up to 200g with 0.01g precision

pH Meter (Hanna Instruments, HI 221) — Precision bench logging microprocessor with calibration check measures pH values from -2 to 16 ± 0.01pH 

Pycnometer (Quantachrome, UPY-10M) — Measures thoeretical density of powders and is capable of conducting multiple measurements at once

**The Corral Laboratory has two 5-foot chemical hoods

Mechanical Testing

Instron Testing Systems (Instron, 5965) — Mechanical testing can be performed at room or elevated temperatures using a split tube furnace (ATS, Series 3320) Read More

Microhardness Indenter (Buehler, 1900-2003) — Vickers micro indenter can measure hardness with varible loads between 0.3-20 kgf, loading speeds of 40-300 um/s and 5-40s loading times 

Grindosonic (J.W. Lemmens, MK6-U) — Non-destructive excitation method can measure room temperature elastic modulus at a frequency range of 20Hz-100KHz using a peizo-electric vibration detector


The Corral Laboratory is capable of machining graphite and ceramic materials. 

Surface Grinder (GMC Equipment, SG-1020AH) — Precision sectioning and grinding equipment. Grinding wheel range between 180-1200grit. Diamond cutting blades are used for sectioning. 

Bench Lathe (JET, GHB-1440A) — Large bench lathe with varying jaw sizes can removal material up to a 6inch radius from 70-2000rpm. An attached cabinet dust filter (Donaldson Torit, CAB 84) is used to safely removal graphite material. 

Vertical Bandsaw (JET, J-8201K) — Used to section wood or metal at speeds between 39-278 S.F.P.M.

Milling/Drilling Machine (JET, JMD-18) — Machining material at speeds between 150-3000rpm

Thermal Analysis

Thermogravimetric Analyzer (Netzsch, STA 449 F3 Jupiter) — Measurements analyzed up to 1650°C in air or inert environments

High Temperature Furnaces

Direct Current Sintering Furnace (Thermal Technologies, DCS 100-36) — Rapid densification for material systems using current assisted (36,000A, 100ton) processing technology Read More

Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace (Thermal Technologies, SPS 10-3) — Rapid densification for material systems using current assisted (3,000A, 10ton) processing technology Read More

High Temperature Tube Furnace (CM Furnaces, 110549) — Controlled ramp rate up to 1700°C in inert atmospheres with varying flow rates and hold times

High Temperature Box Furnace (CM Furnaces, 1708 GS FL) — Controlled ramp rate up to 1700°C with multi-gas ports capabilities

Torch Testing

Oxyacetylene torch test — A rapid high throughput lab scale bench torch dedicated to ablation testing Read More

Oxyacetylene torch test