Curiosity Sparked By Magic Show

June 7, 2017

A large group of 9th and 10th graders visited the University of Arizona this week to learn more about the great science and engineering programs that the school has to offer.  This opportunity gave them the chance to see many really neat things from all corners of the campus, including the Materials Science Magic Show.  The Magic Show is a great way to excite an interest in Materials Science and Engineering and the research done in the Corral Lab.  Although many of the demonstrations were performed to look like magic, they can all be explained using a fundamental understanding of materials science and its applications.  Many of the members of the Corral Lab worked together to put on a seamless presentation that highlighted some of the "cooler" parts of Materials Science.  Liquid Nitrogen played a star role in this production, but flames, marshmallows, and many other everyday items were also highlighted.  

The high school students were animated and involved, and some even took notes during the presentation.  They were clearly very excited to learn and participate in the demonstrations.  They wasted no time when it came to answering questions.  Many even had questions of their own, relating things they saw in the presentation to their own classroom learning.  These young students contain a contagious amount of energy and enthusiasm that will no doubt carry them far in their future studies.